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My name is Cameron (some people call me Cam) and I️ currently am working as a Graphic Designer at SMUGGLER. I️ am from a small town in New York, just outside of NYC. When I️’m not working on design you can catch me taking pictures, dying my hair, or figuring out my next tattoo. I love to chat and will talk your ear off about my love for pigeons and owning a ranch one day. 

I️ am super passionate about mission-driven design and creating effective messages for the causes I️ care deeply about. I️ hope to incite social change and continue to explore the intersection of design and activism. 

Pronouns: She/Her
Current Hair Color: Brown (Send recs for my next color!)
Favorite color: Green
Who am I️ listening to: Caamp & Cut Worms
Favorite ice cream: Mint chip

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