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Honorable Mention | Graphis New Talent Annual 2022
Gold Award | UDA International Design Competition 2021




A collaborative project to create a brand identity, comprehensive signage and environmental graphic systems for a hypothetical urban space, based in Cleveland, Ohio. Located near Playhouse Square, the area thrives off of theatre, music and art. Our approach was to pay homage to such a lively and creative space. We incorporated elements that reference music such as the “crescendo” symbol, along with others within our system.

The elements within our system create an exciting and dynamic experience when navigating through the space. The exclamation mark is a motif inspired by the architecture of the landscape. The crescendo is a symbol used to indicate a gradual increase in sound. The shape resembles surrounding buildings as they increase in height. This led to the final result being an interactive, informational and energetic urban, green-space.

In collaboration with:
Kristen Campion
Phoenix Chan

Original architecture renderings provided by:
Mike Hafer
Ben Nahum
Fionna Schoener
Jack Kang
Victoria Maciorski

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